About Refilwe

About Refilwe

A Baby Safe

On average 200 babies are abandoned in Gauteng each month. The majority of those babies are left in dangerous and hidden places (ditches, side of the road…) or flushed down the toilets. In an effort to respond to this crisis, El Roi House, situated in the North of the property, installed a Baby Safe – a covered metal box in the palisade fence with a weighted sensor. When a baby is placed in the box, an alarm rings so an Auntie can quickly fetch it. It provides desperate mothers with a chance to abandon their new-born to life rather than death when dealing with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. The House can only care for 12 babies at the moment but is aiming to increase this figure to 20 and provide care, love and forever home to more babies

Refilwe’s Preschool

Refilwe offers the children of the surrounding settlements not just a safe haven but also a place of quality education. With the help of wholehearted teachers, the very best education is offered using  resources available. (The Hobart Charity Trust recently donated a projector to the school and mattresses to provide comfort at naptime). Classes are conducted in English and the school children are fed at least twice a day. The school offers 3 meals (breakfast, snack and lunch) to all the children. Starting with 5 children in a small house, the onsite Pre School has now grown into a four classroom school with 83 children from age 2.

The Programs

The ‘God Parent Program’ uses a family-based foster care model providing safe and stable home environments for up to 48 orphaned and vulnerable children. The children are placed with foster parents within a loving family unit. Up to 10 God Parent families can live onsite at  Refilwe and each foster family consists of between 4 to 6 children. The ‘Community- Development Program’ supports the surrounding informal settlements and provides basic health care and education services to the deprived areas. Through this, around 700 children benefit from a strong educational and moral foundation. Refilwe’s  programs cost R 250,000 (€ 16,000) to run every month and this is why they need our help.

Thank you for considering investing in Refilwe!


Refilwe Community Project is a Christian community development initiative based in Lanseria. Founded in 1991, initially as a health care clinic, we have since developed a strong focus on child care, community development and skills upliftment through education and mentorship.


Our mission is to provide a loving Christian family environment for orphaned and vulnerable children through the Foster Program and El Roi Baby Home; to assist our surrounding communities in providing their children opportunities to thrive spiritually, socially, emotionally and educationally and to promote small business development to strengthen families in our community; teach a strong work ethic to the Refilwe children; and to provide potential job opportunities and training through learnerships.


With more than 200 children participating in our on-site programs each day, and nearly 2000 children who we impact each month, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that we are providing them with quality services. Every Rand raised goes towards improving the lives of the children that we serve. Providing meals in our preschool alone costs R108,000 a year – for many of our children this is the only healthy food they are receiving each day. By giving the children the nourishment they need to grow healthy, they can focus at school and be prepared to enter grade school confidently!


Through your investment we can ensure that the children growing up in difficult circumstances around Lanseria are able to excel at life!