The HECT Team


  • Managing the communication, profile both internal and external;
  • Managing the communication, profile both internal and external;
  • Marketing of events;• Facebook and social media;
  • Communications and feedback

Alessia Baldassini

Helping others has always been a value close to my heart and joining the HECT committee has enabled me to do that and so much more.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with colleagues across the globe and work collectively to support those less fortunate.

Cycling the Double Century 202km race demanded team work, morale, group cohesion and a positive mindset. These are just a few of the qualities our HECT committee embodies.

David Tullis

A long serving member of the Carst & Walker South Africa/ Hobart Enterprises team since 1974 living in Cape Town the Mother City. The Hobart Enterprises group has enjoyed a huge amount of success historically and the HECT is a way of giving something back. To this end each employee of the group is encouraged to participate and apply their skillset to maximise contribution.

Gavin Westley

Kevin Codd

I’m part of HECT’s social media team. Some people say that I’m an essential cog in the machine and by some people I mean me. With the help of Sara and Alessia I make sure our pages are up to date with the latest info regarding our charities.

Sara Barnby

After carrying out a few fundraising events with friends I jumped at the opportunity to join the HECT in July 2017. I think it’s a fantastic idea that as a group working together we can achieve great things for the benefit of other each year.

Organising, Operations & Rules

  • Working with marketing to get events and campaigns fulfilled;
  • Working with marketing to get events and campaigns fulfilled;
  • Organising events;• Liaising with participants on events;
  • Legal and trust requirements

Jenny Rossouw

I joined the C&W sales team back in March 1995. Charity has always been close to my heart and over the years it’s been awesome to be part of the HECT team. The generosity of spirit that prevails brings much joy not only to the recipients but also to those involved.

Celeste Allan

I have worked with this Group as an “outsider” for many years. I moved to Ireland and was offered the opportunity of a new work experience with this Group as an “insider”. Life is about new opportunities and new adventures to be shared for the benefit of all and so, if only from the sidelines, I hope to share those new opportunities and new adventures with those less privileged than myself.

Nonnie Simelane

Part of HR team I am based in C &W South Africa, Johannesburg. I joined the charity in August 2017. I strongly believe in empowering the disadvantage. I believe that Love is not patronizing and charity is not about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead. That is what Hobart charity is about giving love and empowering people

Shana Wilkie

James O'Leary

Finance & Administration

  • Banking;
  • Accounts and administration;
  • FYE accounts;
  • Donation management;
  • Minutes

Michelle Bourke

Tammy Smith

Investment & Sustainability

  • Looking at the investments of the fund
  • Looking to leverage value of funds;
  • To create a more sustainable income stream
  • Grow the value of the fund

Dave Barnby

I am an active member of the management team of the Hobart Enterprises Limited Group. I have been involved with the charitable movement within the Group since the late 1990’s when the idea was first floated. I have made a life style commitment to support the collective scriptable wellbeing of all members of the Hobart Group.

Mark Hele

Need in whatever form is something that surrounds us. Charity, again in whatever form, is the place where I believe the opportunity to address these needs comes together.