Matt’s Concept 947 Challenge

You can think what you like about this challenge, but it’s not that long ago, that 800km journeys either happened self propelled, propelled by horse or not at all. I like cycling and it should be a fun challenge to do 4 big rides back to back. That’s how I’m looking at this. I also want to raise money for a charity that’s close to my heart and that enables access to the outdoors that I love, to people that might otherwise be unable to access it. Thanks for taking the time to visit my fundraising page and if you’re able to sponsor me, thanks also for your support.

From August 26 to august 29 I aim to cycle approximately 800km from Mallow in Co Cork, to Marks Hall in Essex. It’s about 940km, with about 140km of that over water (so I will rely on a ferry for that bit). I am to raise money so that the good people and volunteers of Marks Hall can fund the purchase of a new buggy which will enable the elderly and disabled to access the beautiful site. I believe that access to the outdoors is a privilege that all should be able to enjoy.

Event date
26-August-2017 00:00 – 29-August-2017 00:00

The Story

Matt flew into Cork on August 25th 2017 just on time for a quick bite and bike assembling before starting his Concept 947: his goal, 947kms to raise funds for a new mobility vehicle for Mark’s hall near his home:

“I left Mallow with a crew of 6 at 2pm on Friday August 25, amidst a chorus of questions regarding direction. Since I’d entrusted the navigational duties to a GPS device, I was somewhat at a loss to offer any sensible advice and this was a theme that continued until halfway through the second day of my journey, when I finally abandoned the GPS and instead threw my trust at google maps……”

Through his concept 947, Matt raised GBP 1,010 for Mark’s hall.

We are all amazed and inspired by Matt’s determination and achievement – Well done Matt!

Nominated Charity: Marks Hall Estate – Charity Website:

Matt’s companion for the 5 days

The start line with the colleagues of the Mallow office
The finish line