2019 Cycle Event

2019 Cycle Event

This year Team Hobart will be taking part in a 94.7km and 202km cycle race just six days apart.

Team Hobart consists of colleagues and friends of the Hobart Group family.

Team Ireland


Dave Barnby
Sara Barnby
Micheal O’flynn
Brendan Cogan
Rory O’Mathuna
Eoin Duggan

Tim Barnby
Stephen Buckley
Chris Dunworth
Ed Healy
Kevin Codd
Kate Logan

Gavin Westley
Michelle Bourke
Emma Gayer
Kieran O’Mahony
Anne Marie Sheahan
Conor Clark

Support Crew

Heather Barnby

Paul Madigan

Team South Africa


Mark Hele

Gwyneth Melvin

Sam Laidlaw

Support Crew

Gloria Ford

Tammy Smith

Wendy White

The rule for this year’s challenge

Each team member (cyclists and support crew) has a personal target of €1,000 per person entered in the 94.7, or €1,500 if they choose to enter the Double Century and the 94.7. Supporters, €750 for the 94.7 and €1000 for the Double Century. Each team will organize events in their region to raise funds and extending the help to the different offices Team Ireland has already came up with a few events – check them out in our “Fundraising” section Check the Hobart Enterprises Charitable Trust Facebook page to learn about the events and get live updates.

On Sunday 17 November, thousands of fellow cyclists will be riding a tough but exhilarating 94.7kms around one of Africa’s busiest cities. The ROUTE will be tough but the camaraderie from other riders, as well as the support from the Joburgers who line the street make this an unmissable and iconic event!

For more details visit the 94.7 website – http://www.cyclechallenge.co.za/

On Saturday 23 November, thousands of fellow cyclists will be riding a hard-hitting but incredibly beautiful 202km. Riders will experience a mix of dairy farmland, canola fields, mountain passes, a hint of the Karoo, vineyards, river-crossings, historical towns and plenty of picture-postcard moments as they pedal their way round this special corner of the Western Cape.

For more details visit the Double Century website – https://coronationdc.co.za/