From the CEO

From the CEO

As the CEO, balance is something that I not only personally strive for but is something I work hard at achieving in all the elements of the Group

HECT is, in my opinion, the link to this balance, or where MIND, BODY and HEART come together!

Ideas, or what at HECT they refer to as the “MIND” are just ideas until they become embodied in some action or activity, which is for us where the “BODY” part comes in, you know the healthy body and mind. But alone, these may lack the feeling, or in my view the HEART, the motivating spirit of giving or doing, something for another.

My pledge this year is to commit to Concept 947 personally and will be doing the Telkom 94.7. I am also available to support and participate in as many initiatives as I can and help you achieve your own HEART, or C947 goals.

Thank you all in advance for all that you contribute and do to make HECT what it is.

Dave Barnby