Our Concept

Our Concept

Our Concept is not a challenge, a task, a club or an organisation.

It’s an idea devised to engage the people of the various Hobart Companies, with the Group’s Charitable Trust. The Hobart Enterprises Charitable Trust (HECT), is a trust fund of around 1M Rand, which has been set up by Hobart Enterprises to help charitable causes.

Each year HECT selects a charity that it will support for that year. All ‘official’ HECT activities are organised to raise funds for the selected charity for that year, but that does not stop YOU from engaging with HECT to support YOUR charity too.

Hobart Enterprises is fortunate to be home to a very charitable and active community, and rarely a month goes by without one of our number embarking upon a challenge of some sort; be it a parachute jump, a cross country race or a bake sale, in order to give something back to their community.

Our Concept has been devised to connect you, with HECT. Throughout the year, events and activities will be organised and if you like, you can join in.

But you are also invited to challenge yourself, and that’s where concept 947 comes in. So it’s just a concept, and 947, is just a number. There is no set format for creating your 947 challenge, and there are no rules about what you have to do it for. We have a number of 947 challenges from various colleagues which you’ll hear more about over the coming weeks.

Obviously a Team of Elite Hobart Athletes (I’m trying to coin the word Hothletes actually, so bear with me here) will be riding the Telkom 94.7 bike ride in Johannesburg in November. Another Hothlete will also be biking a 947 themed journey too. We have canoeists canoeing, runners running, walkers walking, but we also have bakers baking and maybe even gardeners gardening too.

There are many many ways to interpret Concept 947, so take some time to think about what 947 could mean to you and how you can challenge yourself.